EEMIS Heritage

EEMIS Heritage is designed to stop Heavy Plant accidentally breaching Cultural Heritage sites whilst dozing Drill string lines through approved GDP areas. Can you afford to risk Heavy fines? EEMIS Heritage is custom designed to take the worry out of negotiating Clearance and Drill Line boundaries. With an Operator Interface so intuitive, your Earthworks Contractor or Supervisor can be working within 5 minutes of initial installation. Contactors have mentioned it is a Joy to use and gives them peace of mind. That’s because Earthworks Operators had direct input on how the system works. You have an Exploration project, or a Railway corridor to be pushed that requires your Earthworks contractors to avoid mapped heritage sites. Or you have remnant vegetation areas you have to protect. After Environmental personnel mapped out the sensitive areas, you mobilise a team or you hire a surveyor to stake out the areas.

However you cannot be sure that stakes with Pink and black tape won’t be knocked out by wildlife or cattle chewing the tape. Perhaps you have a small drilling program or a new bore line corridor that need to be cleared, requiring your contractors being on site for a few weeks only. EEMIS Heritage can put your mind at rest. You will have done all that was possible to avoid an embarrassing accidental breach, possibly occur a heavy fine or project suspension during investigation. EEMIS Heritage will excel in reducing your company’s exposure to a breach where in some States the personal fine is up to $75,000 for an individual or up to $750,000 a Corporation for each breach. EEMIS Heritage has proven its investment many times over for: Rio Tinto Resource definition, Rio Tinto Exploration, Rio Tinto Environmental Dept., FMG Solomon Project and contract companies such as Coffey Geosciences , Worley Parsons, Lycopodium , Roy Hill and Calibre Rail. Should your project be small but it is an important part of getting to the next stage ---we have you covered. We have several Hire units ready to Go or if you wish for a free 15day trial, Please register your interest by clicking here