DrillGenie guides Exploration Drill Rig operators to drill electronically mapped holes without the use of marker pegs-virtual pegging. Information on the hole location, depth drilled and other custom parameters are stored in Drill Genie’s internal data base and then downloaded into Geologists Geotechnical databases as required. The cost benefits are tremendous with savings on wooden sakes and reduction of manual support labour such as calling out surveyor to mark holes.

Screenshot showing the drill icon changed automatically from Machine image to triangle before automatically changing to high resolution mode within 1 metre of target. Once target is reached a new field then pops up to enter drill hole depth. Note distance to nearest buried rehab hole with alarm sounding if operator breaches 20meter geofence. Rig ID and Operator name & logon/off is included.

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Virtual pegging

Pegs (wooden stakes) are not required saving at least $40K on this project alone this year. In the past when pegs were used, cattle and wild animals would knock them out and/or chew the hole ID tape. The real saving realised is cutting out several steps in hole drilling process. DrillGenie makes it simple.

FMG Grade Control Christmas Creek

In-cab RAB installation. Increased production on meters drilled and operator satisfaction on intuitive simple interface is a win/win for drilling and mining company. A new level of safety is achieved as the screen shows 20meter buffer around buried Rehabbed holes. The drillers have given the system their tick of approval. We have been asked to do an integrated PLODs system to drop into acQuire.